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Beacon Mercantile 8.5 oz. Soy Candle - Bergamot + Blood Orange

Beacon Mercantile 8.5 oz. Soy Candle - Bergamot + Blood Orange


A grand tour by train to Southern Italy. The ruins of Pompeii. The dust of Herculaneum.  Grassy volcanic flora. Blood oranges juiced in the heat of the day. History lives among us in many dimensions. Made by Beacon Mercantile.

Top note: Bergamot

Middle note: Blood orange

Base note: Orris root

Scent profile: Citrus, Fresh, Sparkling

8.5oz US grown soy candle in recyclable glass container with brushed silver lid. Labels are 100% recycled and biodegradable natural kraft.

Burn time: 50-60 hours

Ingredients: US grown soy wax, cotton & paper eco wick, parfum

*Maker’s note: Upcycle by cleaning out spent wax (our glass candle vessels clean up very easily) and using as a chic flower vase or to hold pens and smaller objects around the house.


My quest to make a healthy, clean burning, and beautifully scented candle is the true origin story behind Beacon Mercantile.

Our small batch candles are hand poured and made with US grown soy wax, cotton/paper eco wicks, and infused with essential oils. All candles are 100% phthalate, paraben, zinc, dye, and lead free so you can enjoy the relaxing glow of a flickering flame and keep your home healthy. Light up your life!