Fat and the Moon Sage and Rose Face Mist

Fat and the Moon's Coven made Rose Geranium hydrosol gently tones skin with mild plant acids help to revive the skin and keep pore clogging bacteria in check. Clary sage acts as a mild astringent and clears the air of bad vibes. Jojoba oil keeps the skin and Spirit supple.

Fat and the Moon Lavender and Cocoa Dry Shampoo

Transform your 'no shower day' into an ‘exceptional hair day' with this nearly edible dry shampoo. Fat and the Moon doesn’t get behind chemy ingredients, which is why this simple, vegan, mane-loving formula is made with herbs and plants only.

Fat and the Moon Masa and Olive Oil Face Paste

This corn-based scrub from Fat and the Moon provides the perfect combination of exfoliating and moisturizing properties. The masa acts as a gentle polisher and stimulator. Olive oil dilutes the pre-existing oils on your skin (like dissolves like) which allows the pore clogging dirt and bacteria to surface and be cleaned away, without stripping your skin of moisture.


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