Broken Top Candle Company


How the journey began…

Long ago, a tiny screaming creature came into the world. She was blonde, spunky, and had blue eyes

that glimmered with entrepreneurship. As time passed, the fire began to burn inside of her as she

struggled to find her calling. Her passion for creating came to life one day as she slaved over a small

batch of handmade candles in her tiny kitchen in the late hours of the night. When her friends and

family caught wind of her late-night creations, they all wanted to support her passion and began

purchasing these amazing creations by the case. As the brand and business evolved, the older and wiser

woman realized the direction and purpose of her entrepreneurial passion, but knew she couldn’t do it

alone. She called upon the best man in all in the land, her dear old Dad, to come to her rescue and he

became her partner in crime.

This small kitchen operation spread to her Dad’s garage and now into their 1,500-square foot

manufacturing facility located in beautiful Bend, Oregon at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range.

The duo continues to take pride in the hand-poured products that they create, with their amazing staff

by their side.


Where did we get the name Broken Top?

The name of the company comes from our geographic location to which the product is made.

Our flagship manufacturing facility in Bend, Oregon. Bend sits at the base of the Cascade

Mountain Range which runs from British Columbia down to California. The Cascade Ridge is

made up of several volcanic and non- volcanic mountains. The Range includes Mount Rainier,

which is the largest peak sitting at 14,411 feet and Mount St. Helen’s which erupted in 1980.

Bend is surrounded by several of these volcanic and non-volcanic mountains including Mt.

Bachelor (most popular), the Three Sisters, and Broken Top. Broken Top is classified as a

stratovolcano which last erupted over 100,000 years ago. The highest peak of the mountain sits

at 9,179 feet.