Bohindie Stream

A Message from the designer:

"My name is Briana, but you can call me Bri. I gave birth to a jewelry line called Bohindie Stream in July 2013 when I was nineteen years old. Bohinidie Stream is born out of magic and rebellion. When Bohindie Stream took its first breath, I hoped that it would be like a vessel for sweet souls to embrace their inner bohemian, eclectic, magic loving self while living in free expression. Bohindie Stream’s collection is inspired and influenced by the sky, nature, life, the universe, music, and the unexplainable. Most, if not all, of Bohindie Stream’s pieces revolve around crystals. Along with the crystal’s breathtaking raw beauty, they each carry along with them their metaphysical properties and own unique meanings. When I first launched this line, it was really exciting to see the response I was getting. I had one year of college under my belt and was teaching myself to make jewelry out of my dorm room. Within weeks, necklaces were traveling their way across the U.S. and even to places like Australia and Sweden. The response I was getting was unimaginable. Even the support that I was receiving from friends and family made me feel so touched and grateful to be surrounded by such sincere and compassionate people. I try my best to transfer my feelings of gratitude onto the audience of Bohindie Stream. I’m always working to add that personal touch whether it is in the packaging or the way I interact. The joy and happiness that Bohindie Stream has brought me has become irreplaceable."