José Gourmet

Evoking a name full of meaning, so Portuguese and at the same time universal, seemed to us to fit the meaning of the project we began a few years ago. In its Hebrew root, JOSÉ is "one who adds". This was our purpose: to add material and immaterial value, to broaden the relationship between quality production and quality consumption, to increase awareness of the quality of raw materials, their food potential, the quality of small, large producers and products.

The quality of our products is the raison d'être of our company. But this quality does not exist alone. It is surrounded by people who play a leading role in the means, traditions, values, circumstances and possibilities: it is the cause and effect of ways of looking for the best in life. The graphic communication strategies accompany and help to promote the vitality of this challenge. It could only be this way.

We have with us the designer Luis Mendonça, responsible from scratch for all the company's design and art direction. We needed someone capable of combining agility, demand, creativity and experience. Thus, the graphic project aggregates several valences, articulating needs and opportunities, involving design, art and in particular illustration. Bringing more people into our conviviality, authors whose prestige combines well with the excellence of our products. Our image is in fact a family of images, a diversified and united family, where there is always one more birth to come.