Oilcloth International

Oilcloth International is a proud importer of oilcloth to the USA. Oilcloth has roots here in The States, but sadly, it is no longer made here, which has made it a rare commodity.

Modern oilcloth is a vinyl fabric with a polycotton scrim backing. Contemporary oilcloth is a direct descendant of the much older canvas cloths treated and waterproofed with linseed oil, hence the name oilcloth. Our oilcloth is similar to its outdated predecessor from the 1950s but is new and improved -- it does not crack, peel, or fade with normal usage. Oilcloth has a woven, durable scrim backing and can be sewn!

Since 1995, Oilcloth International (a female-founded company) has been importing the finest oilcloth available!