Seed + Mill

Our three founders, Lisa, Rachel, and Monica, grew up in three different countries: Lisa in Israel, Rachel in Australia, and Monica in the USA. Their paths crossed in New York City in 2015, where they discovered a shared passion for food, cooking, and nourishing their families with healthy, quality food.

In an effort to inspire the community to explore the world through food, and share how versatile and delicious tahini and halva is, we opened a small kiosk in New York’s bustling Chelsea Market in 2016. We're proudly the first store in the US dedicated to sesame products. We welcomed locals and tourists from all over the world, connecting over nostalgic tastes and introduced new audiences to traditional foods, rooted in centuries of culture and history.

We worked the counter seven days a week, sampling halva, grinding tahini to order, and serving up other treats like halva paninis and our iconic tahini soft serve. Within a few months, we were blown away by the enthusiasm for our products.