VT Dog Eats


We're Vermont Dog Eats and we make people-grade dog treats with locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Our all-natural dog treats are handmade, baked and bagged right here in Vermont.

It all began one day when we decided that rather than buying dog treats with ingredients we couldn't pronounce, we would buy locally-sourced, healthy & organic foods and make them ourselves. The rest, as they say, is history! We're happy to make a product that makes dogs happier and healthier, and we're happy that owners can give their furry friends food that is just...food.

We have a network of local farms and partners that offer us access to some of the finest food around and as a result our dog treats are made with entirely real, human-grade food and absolutely NO wheat, soy, corn, sugar, byproducts or preservatives. We believe that good dog eats are vital to the health of our furry friends.

As proud parents of two rescue dogs and a few foster pups ourselves, we can’t say enough about the work done by animal rescue groups. That's why every year we donate 2% of our profits to local animal rescue/welfare organizations. In short, we're happy to support the great community that supports Vermont Dog Eats and our furry friends.