Allie Rose

Our team, located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, comes from a mixture of backgrounds and aesthetics. We strive to create beautifully & thoughtfully made clothes while also providing excellent customer service.

We are always looking for amazing additions to our growing team. Our team is full of bright, hard-working individuals from all backgrounds.

We hope to provide an environment where people can express themselves creatively, while also challenging themselves to grow in their fields of interests and expertise. 

Our goal is to design thoughtful, fashion-forward clothes that women of all backgrounds, shapes & occasions can feel good and empowered in. Through hard-work & creative problem-solving, we are always pushing to innovate and keep up with the trends.

And yes while we like to work in style, looking great isn't all that matters! We care and love our customers and we hope to build relationships and provide excellent customer care. 

Influenced by California's chic-yet-casual culture, Allie Rose is designed for the modern women who love fashion. Allie Rose blends contemporary cool with subtly romantic silhouettes. The clothes are feminine, fresh and playful.

Each clothing is the product of careful attention to detail with the goal of uplifting women, to feel like the best version of themselves. Our clothes are the product of lots of love, sweat and (happy) tears.

Our history goes back 25 years, when a young couple started an entrepreneurial venture in downtown Los Angeles. Twenty years later, their daughters founded Allie Rose, A passion project with the goal of creating gorgeous yet affordable clothing for everyday women.

Whatever the occasion, from our tiered lace dress for a wedding or our flirty, flowy romper for your tropical vacation, we hope that Allie Rose will touch your closets and be part of your lives.