And That's The Tea Co.

Just imagine:

Two women seated at a small table in a brightly lit room, dressed in gorgeous, Victorian gowns. They raise their teacups to one another as they share the latest gossip.  

A grandmother, rocking back and forth in her favorite wooden chair on a wraparound porch. Her grandson joins her with two teacups in hand, one for each of them.

A wooden table in a bright pink playroom, surrounded by stuffed unicorns on small chairs. A young girl enters with a tray of porcelain teacups and begins to serve.

What do all of these images have in common? You might say the tea. But for Jenny and Kiley, it is the way tea brings people together. 

Tea is timeless because it’s meant to be shared. 

It is what brought mother-daughter duo Jenny & Kiley even closer after discovering loose leaf teas during a visit to a tea shop in RI. Together, they set off on a journey to learn more about different varieties of tea, exploring the incredible blends you can create and how they can be used for wellness, energy, and relaxation. 

Out of this newfound passion bloomed And That’s The Tea Co., an indie loose leaf tea company that blends teas full of fun, flavor, and health. With blends like The Power of Flower, Glow!, and Wild Cherry, and products tailored for beauty and skincare, this is not your grandma’s tea.   

Nor is it your grandma’s teashop. 

The storefront has serious quaint-bookstore-in-Paris meets girly-chic-boutique vibes. Inside, you will find shelves lined with their signature bottles, mocktail mixes, carefully crafted tea baths, and decadent floral steams. 

The back wall boasts an entire tea wall featuring their unique blends which can be bought by the ounce. Some are blended on site, others imported from all over the world. There are over 100 tea blends to choose from, as well as tea made to order. 

The real magic? How their vision to infuse color into the age-old tradition of tea reflects the perfect blend of who they are.

It was Kiley who came up with the name And That’s The Tea Co. She brings her creativity and interest in culinary arts to the table, designing both the packaging of products and dreaming up exciting new blends and concepts. Always on the prowl for new ideas, Kiley knows when a good tea is brewing and isn’t afraid to spill it. 

Jenny herself is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her into many different creative avenues, from photography to the wedding industry to leading workshops for photographers.  Health conscious, she incorporates natural products and holistic health remedies in her daily life and is on a mission to empower others to make better choices. 

It was along this journey that it became apparent there is a strong disconnect when it comes to what some people choose to put into their bodies when selecting a beverage. They saw coffee drinkers who aren’t aware of the energizing properties of tea, and wine drinkers who do not know that tea can be used to create some pretty incredible refreshments for R&R. This fueled a passion that serves as the driving force behind every new blend, product, or idea. 

Together, Kiley and Jenny are steeping something magical.

They are showing people of all ages that there are better options available to help you relax or have fun with friends, and different ways their teas can be used to incorporate delicious and healing beverages into your daily routine. 

They are also on a mission to improve their low to zero waste philosophy. They do this by using:

Compostable bags + reusable or recyclable bottles – you can even refill them in the shop!

Bio-degradable packing supplies

Reusing + Recycling paper and boxes

Every purchase not only benefits your taste buds, wellness, and health, but also supports local and woman-owned, and helps to move the sustainability needle forward. 

They are serving up tea unlike anything you’ll find on the shelf of a grocery store. 

(Unless that store is one of their retail partners!). 

To get the tea while it’s piping hot, check out their tea blends and products here, or stop by the tea shop at 15 West Street in Walpole, MA for an experience you just won’t forget. 

And That’s The Tea!



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