Bachan's was born from a multi-generational family recipe. My Bachan — you might say Granny — would create the most amazing meals with our umami-filled, teriyaki-ish, sauce! She is who taught my parents how to make our sauce, and they taught me. Bachan's is truly a family heirloom and is part of our family legacy. I am proud to say that our sauce is cold-filled (not thermally pasteurized), so we don't have to use any preservatives or flavorings. Bachan's crave-worthy flavor comes naturally from 10 simple, Non-GMO project verified, and authentic ingredients. I worked on creating the best possible product I could and making sure it was a true representation of the sauce I grew up eating as a kid, for 6 years before officially launching Bachan's. Since our official launch in June, 2019, Bachan's is quickly becoming the go-to sauce for people all across the county. We are proudly carried in Whole Foods Market and over 300 independent grocers. We have a 4.9 star customer rating on Trustpilot and over 1000 5 - star customer reviews. The media is starting to take notice as well and Thrillist says Bachan's is "Truly addictive". We have endorsements from world renowned chef Chris Kimball, Walter Robb (former Co CEO of Whole Foods Market), and many others. We have been praised in Forbes, Chowhound, CNBC, Cool Hunting, Saveur, and more. At Bachan's, we live by the Kaizen philosophy, which is rooted in the relentless pursuit of incremental improvement. Arigatou gozaimasu!