Bobbie's Boat Sauce

Experience serendipity in a bottle with Bobbie's Boat Sauce's condiments and dry seasonings. Created on a sailing trip to accompany the day’s catch, Bobbie’s Boat Sauce is a chili sauce made with organic tomatoes, fresh and dried chilis, and enhanced with aromatics, lime, and fish sauce. Not too spicy, yet with enough kick to spice up any meal, this versatile sauce can be used in place of ketchup, hot sauce, or cocktail sauce. It's a tangy, spicy and umami-ful addition to your seasoning arsenal, and your go-to, goes-on-everything sauce for any meal. Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic is a not-too-spicy condiment and cooking ingredient. Hot packs a bigger punch, but with more balance and complexity than any hot sauce. Squeezed over eggs, paired with fresh salmon, gilded on pizza, used as a fry sauce or in your secret recipe for pasta all'Amatriciana, the possibilities are truly endless. Bobbie's Boat Dust is a seasoning with all of the bright and umami complexity of Boat Sauce, but in a dry mix, perfect for topping popcorn, using as a dry rub, and more. Discover the difference, and come on board!