CinSoy Foods

What is CinSoy

CinSoy is a small batch fermenter of soy sauce and miso paste. Our products are made to elevate the eating experience. We encourage you to explore new recipes and ingredients to share with your friends.

Food Should BE Meaningful

CinSoy is dedicated to not only perfecting our craft but to the health and safety of everyone. We partner with One Feeds Two to ensure children in poverty are receiving a nutritious school meals. For every item you purchase we donate 1 meal to a child in need. To learn more about this program click here

About Sam

Sam Pellerito is a classically trained chef with a degree from Johnson & Wales. During my time working as a professional chef I had a chance to work in Wales and Australia with some of the worlds best chefs. I learned that some of the best ingredients came from local farmers and makers who perfected their craft through years of practice.

Since I was 12 I've loved cooking. I knew from a young age that my path included food. Although I've tried different professions, my passion has always been learning new and exciting ways to feed my family and friends. CinSoy started as a test in my basement. A quest to learn patience through food. What better way to slow down than creating something that takes months or even years to create. These tests led to bigger and bigger batches. Finally in January of 2020 CinSoy was born. Our small batch process is uniquely ours and incorporates science and culture. 

Although I left the cooking business I have always loved using my training to build friendships and knowledge. I want to thank my amazing wife Dana for her support in this journey.