Crazy Uncle Red's

Crazy Uncle Red's isn't the only hot pepper jelly out there, and it certainly wasn't the first, but we'd venture to say it's the best we've ever had, and a steadily growing coterie of friends and fans seem to agree. What makes it unique is our secret blend of peppers, some you've tasted a million times and others you've probably never heard of. This gives it the irresistible complexity that makes it "good on most things and incredible on everything else."

It's also vegan, fat free and all-natural. It's handmade (by the guy typing this and his mom) in small batches, and we stand by the quality of every last drop.

We're Pat and Jared, and we make Crazy Uncle Red's Hot Pepper Jelly. We're mother and son, in case you can't tell. Both of us have a lifelong passion for cooking (and eating), inherited from Pat's mom Nicki, the greatest cook who ever walked the earth (according to her family and legions of lucky dinner guests).

Our mission is to develop and produce foods that are delicious on their own, and that become essential secret ingredients for heirloom recipes passed down to family and friends for years to come.