Garam Goddess

A note from the creator of Garam Goddess:

"I am blessed to be born into a family with rich food history, recipes, and great cooks! My mom cooked 3-4 fresh meals every day (including my lunchbox which my classmates stole from my backpack before recess). Outside of home cooking, there was never an unmet craving in the mecca of street food that is Bombay. Leaving all that behind, I moved to NYC in 2008 to pursue an MFA in Design. It was the first time I was introduced to “hot sauce” as a condiment, a new concept. In India, we have chutneys and pickles that accompany meals that can be sweet, tangy, spicy, or sour but not always hot. Fast forward to a few years later, while walking through Union Square Greenmarket, I came across a farm stand selling a variety of peppers. the colors and shapes were so interesting, I went in for a closer look. I bought a few different kinds, did some recipe searches, and made a few sauces. I kept going back and buying more peppers, each time trying to recreate a “hot” version of a recipe I was familiar with. I felt deeply connected to my heritage and roots. After a couple of years of playing around with flavors, I had a fridge full of creations and it was time to share! Friends and coworkers loved them and kept wanting more. They nudged me to seriously consider going big. Fast forward to 2020, Garam Goddess was born!"