Le Lis

The LE LIS collection features a casual/chic vibe, providing styles that can be worn at any day and any time. The Fall/Winter line introduces beautiful mixed media tops, new takes on textures for midi skirts & pants, and must-have sweaters with keypoint embroidery trim details. LE LIS is continuously looking to innovate and provide creative styles to the everyday individual​



What you see in our line are garments that we love and would only wear ourselves. We don’t force ourselves to make what we personally don’t like. So just know that all of us at Le Lis, aren’t very different from you.


We love and care for our team members. We make sure each and every member has fair wages and work hours to provide for their family, and to also have quality time to spend with their families & friends. We hope that we can spread these values to those we are in community with.


We believe and stand for the growth of local business. We want to see growth and success for our small mom-and-pop shops and local boutiques. Therefore, we do not compete with our friends. We work solely B2B (business to business) and we let retail businesses do what they’re best at – sell and promote to your own customers.


It’s YOU who brings life to style. Our job is to simply make clothes that complement you.