Lighthouse Keepers Pantry

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Pantry brand was created by Kelly O’Connell in 2020 and has become a silver lining from a year spent at home during the pandemic.  Kelly is a Yarmouthport native who returned to the Cape when her job in New York City went remote last March.

Kelly has spent her career developing food products for many lifestyle brands and with new-found free time, she took the opportunity to create her own line of sauces, condiments and jams as a way to return to her Cape roots full time. The line began as a hobby with 6 flavors of jams sold at a pop-up farm stand on 6A in front of Kelly’s childhood home.

Over the past year, with the support of a local business partner, it has blossomed into 17 items using Kelly’s updated classic recipes inspired by the life of a lighthouse keeper on Sandy Neck Beach, Kelly and her partner’s favorite place.