Mama Teav's

Spicy! Crunchy! Umami! Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic is a wholesome mixture of spice-laced organic ingredients and garlic all swimming in chili oil, which makes for an unsuspecting wave of spicy, sweet and savory flavors in each bite. Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic uses all natural ingredients and has no preservatives. Also gluten free and vegan. DON’T FOOL! THIS THE BEST! Mama Teav’s fiery personality matches her love for food and family. She only ever feeds you the best, so you’ll stick around for the laughter and good times. It wasn’t until friends and family would beg for some sauce to go that Mama Teav started lovingly jarring some up and doling them out. It’s now available for you as long as you promise to smile with your mouth open after each bite!