Masala Mama

Nidhi founded Masala Mama because they missed the quality, variety and subtlety of food they grew up with in India, and wanted to bring the tastes of home to homes everywhere.


A note from Nidhi, aka Masala Mama: My sauces don't compromise either on taste or on ingredient quality, and provide the perfect backdrop for easy, healthy and delicious Indian meals. My all-natural simmer sauces have a fresh and homemade taste because I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, less salt, no added sugar and the same fresh ingredients that I use at home: wholesome, gluten-free and real ingredients, with no thickeners. My sauces are shelf-stable, certified non-GMO, and mostly plant-based– ensuring that the food you make with them is not only delicious but also good for you. Once you've tried my sauces, you won't want to go anywhere else.