Rooted Fare

Ashley Xie and Hedy Yu are co-founders, childhood friends, and daughters of immigrants who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in SoCal. 

Two years ago, Ashley and her aunt were making the dessert for Chinese New Year and she wondered how it’d taste as a spread. She took some of the filling and just happened to see breadcrumbs in the corner of her eye that she’d used to make pasta the same week. She added them to see if it’d add an interesting texture, tasted it, and loved how the crunchiness balanced the rich, creamy butter. 

Thus, through Ashley’s innovation, Rooted Fare’s Black Sesame Crunchy Butter was born! 

Rooted Fare is a Chinese American, women-owned food company dedicated to making Chinese Americans feel proud and seen. They create fun and modern Chinese American foods that offer new and uncomplicated ways to experience these unique flavors every day.