Scout Mustard

This isn't your grandma’s mustard... Well actually it is, but it’s become so much more than that. Its a game-changer, a barrier-crosser, a rule-breaker. It’s a product made for meat, beer and cheese lovers (insert Wisconsinite), but it also feels right at home with oysters, wine and campaign. It’s THAT good.


Simply put, there are no rules. Total mustard anarchy.

Scout has set out to become everyone’s go-to mustard spread in a condiment category that has been historically overlooked. This is not a commodity, nor a novelty, it’s a necessity. Yes, it’s a locally made Wisconsin product, but that is not what Scout hang’s it hat on. Nor is it the reason people buy it. People buy it because it’s damn good, and it goes with everything. Scout’s value lies not only in it’s taste and versatility, but in it’s ability to create loyalists. We’re creating a new pantry staple here folks.