Shimmerwood Beverages

Music lovers and Shimmer Co-Founders Josh Ahadian and Tibor Mascari met in the artistic air of Bonnaroo. Among the sober spectators and weed smokers, they saw a need to create a middle ground. Something that would let everyone explore and enjoy the moment without going out of their minds.

Since Josh has asthma and Tibor has an autoimmune disorder, a CBD beverage seemed like the perfect place to start.

Combining their skills in gardening, biology, mixology and the music industry, they crafted Shimmerwood. One of the only CBD drinks to use Full-Spectrum CBD for a deeper, more dimensional experience from flavor to feeling. It’s the perfect spark and partner to creative pursuits, whether you’re relaxing on the sidelines, creating on center stage or getting deep into the mix.

So…now that you have the details, only one question remains. Why drink when you can Shimmer?